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Asperger Anyone?

It is not like you go to a restaurant, doctor’s office or a mall and order Asperger.  There are all different views about where, how and why Asperger exists.  When it does, it present at most a challenge for the family, individual, parents, and society.  So of you might think that this is an off handed way of looking at the syndrome, but I have to make some light of it, because what I deal with everyday can stress you out.

Ever hear.  “You hate me.”   “Why did you adopt me?”  “Why do you hate me?” “I am not part of this family.”  Last year, my son came up to me and said “Why did you adopt me?”  I was rather surprised by this but I inquired further asking him why he thought that.  His response was “There is nobody in the family like me, so I must be adopted.”  Well this just tore at my heart?  How do you respond.  I assured him that we did not adopt him, he was a great, intelligent child that was very astute to his surroundings. We looked at baby pictures from the hospital, but he still claimed that is one of his brother or sisters (who can blame him for thinking that, all babies could look alike)

Children that present with any Autism spectrum disorder must be showered with love, affection and a great deal of patience.  My son often tells me that he does not feels that he belongs, why was he made different.   Just recently, we tried to explain to him about Asperger (on the suggestion of our therapist). Do you know what his reaction was?  “Why is it called Aspergers; Mom?” “It sounds like a burger with moldy cheese on it.”

What is Asperger?

Anyone can look up the definition online and find.  Asperger syndrome (AS) is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one of a distinct group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by social impairment, communication difficulties, and restrictive, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

But, what is it, in layman terms?  We knew our 10 year old was different, very curious, but reserved.  Often his actions, would make people step back and wonder.  He would much rather be by himself than be the social butterfly that would make any parents proud.  But you do not have to ask him to think outside of the box to solve a situation, just watch out if he thinks that he is not being treated the same.

His older sister likes music, loud music; which bothers him, so you could see him with a pair of noise reduction headphones on or just yelling, hitting and banging on things to get her to put the music down.  While other boys are out playing soccer, football, baseball, he just prefers to be alone. This can be tough on parents, because it is upsetting seeing him not get invited to all those birthday parties or play dates with other boys.  There is one saving grace we have a boy that lives next door and they are the same age, so he has taking my son under his wings and makes him feel that he belongs.

Asperger presents itself different in everyone.  While some children are secluded others present with violent behavior.  Since our son was just diagnosed one year ago, we are still learning about it.  The biggest thing that I have had to learn is being flexible and controlling of my temper and most of all being patience because what works for the other three will not work for him.

Over the next several posts, I will continue with our struggles/tribulations with getting help for our son so that we and he can experience joy.



Please look at the website for more information about Aspergers Syndrome. I am not apart of any website about Aspergers Syndrome.

Westinghouse LED Landscaping Lighting

QVCI purchased two sets of Landscaping Lighting from Westinghouse for the children to give to their grandparents.  This whimsical set of LED lights is great for herb gardens, flower bed, also side a sidewalk and about anywhere you would like to give your backyard a little glow.  The set I purchased were accented with a butterfly, hummingbird, a lady bug and a bumble bee.  They come with a AA battery and you must assemble them.  There are 5 piece to each one and they are very easy to get together.  Find a sunny spot in the yard, to get the most sunlight, so that when the sun goes down, the lights with come on.  Gently push them down into the soil up to the first solid black on the pole.  Just watch for when the sun goes down your light will come on.  The first set we outline my parents sidewalk in the flowers, the whimsical decorations on the top made them fit in with the flower garden and when the sun went down, it lit up the walk way.  The grandchildren had a great time looking for the ladybug, butterfly, hummingbird and bumblebee.Westinghouse_Solar_Light


The second set we place at my husband’s parents house and it went in their herb garden along the pathway.  They love looking out over the herb garden in the evening and see glowing lights.  Westinghouse has lots of LED lights to chose from, there are holiday and more traditional ones available.Westinghouse_Solar_Lighting


You are able to purchase them at QVC



Disclosure:  This post represents my opinion, I did not receive any product for my post.

Nerf Super Soaker Torando Striker

Box Picture

My son ,Paul, was given the Nerf Super Soaker Torando Striker for his birthday. It was right out of the box, filled with water and he was chasing his siblings in the backyard. Torando Sriker

Well his siblings did not fare too well and neither did my wash that was hanging out to dry.  You can purchase a canaster to carry twice the amount of water. Less time spent refilling, more time soaking everything. The water comes out and center nozzles spins so it creates circulator motion with the water. The distance the water goes is 20 feet. You can purchase Nerf Super SoakerWater Distance guns at Hasbro or Toys ‘R’ Us

Speedo Flip-Flops

Speedo Flip-Flops


Tried of flat flip-flops. I recently purchased these Speedo flip-flops for my daughters. They choose the zebra printed ones. There was a wide selection of prints, solids and colors. The foot strap is wide and well constructed, so they do not cut into the top of your foot. The foot bed is constructed with a thick layer of rubber, which gives you a little heel, and is available on black or brown. The price of these flip-flops was a little more than other.
Both my daughters gave the Speedo flip-flops two thumbs up for fit, comfort, and style/designs.
They are good flip-flops for casual wear. Sizes start at 5 and they are available in whole and half sizes.

Check out Speedo’s flip-flops at their website

New Bern, North Carolina

New Bern, North Carolina

During our trip to N.C., we visited New Bern; this was a 40 minute drive from Atlantic Beach.

When we got to New Bern we planned on visiting three destinations; Tyron Palace, The birthplace of Pepsi, and the New Bern Fireman’s Museum, and leaving more time for more if we found anything.

Tryon Palace was the governor house for N.C. Built between 1767 and 1770. During 1798, a fire destroyed the palace, includes the palace.  It was rebuilt 150 years later on the same site. A tour on the Palace, includes the palace, the kitchen (great cooking demonstrations), also the Stanley House, Dixon House and the Hay House. I highly recommend visiting the Palace.

In the N.C. History Center, where you go to get your admission for the Palace, there are great activities to do, after or before the Palace. If you have children please set aside an hour to see the place and learn in the Pepsi Family Center. This experience takes you back in a virtual time machine to 1835; we were escorted back in time.  When we arrived back in 1835 we scanned our cards and were given a position and job on the “Snapdragon” ship. My job on the ship was the cook and I had to get the rats so I played a whack-a-rat game for 2 ½ minutes. My youngest son was the captain; he had to keep us on course. From there we went to The Turpentine still, then the Kitchen, and the store. The kids really enjoyed all the play. They had great and amazing staff to help you around. Please visit Tryon Palace for times and more information.

                After Tryon Palace, we visited Caleb Bradham pharmacy, where hePepsi Birthpalace invented Brad’s drink which was later patented as Pepsi-Cola. One half of the pharmacy is an old fashioned soda fountain where you can enjoy a Pepsi. The other half is a gift shop with everything Pepsi products. This was my oldest daughter favorite place to visit.

                Fireman MuseumA short walk away is the New Bern Fireman’s Museum. This small museum is the way New Bern has kept all there old equipment together. Where they are hoping to soon move into a larger location, the old firehouse within the next year. A great place for your little fire people.

                If you get a chance also visit the Havelock Tourism Center. They have 5 restored aircrafts from the Navy and the Marines. With lots of history from Cherry Point Marine Corps Base.Havelock Tourism Center

                I highly recommend visiting New Bern if you are in North Carolina. They have a little bit of everything.

Jockey Ridge State Park NC

Jockey Ridge State Park

On our recent and first trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. JockeyRidgeStatePark                                     

If you are in the area, make sure to stop at Jockey Ridge State Park. Here you will find naturalformed sand dunes. The day we visited Jockey Ridge, the temperature topped 95 degrees we stilled braved the dunes. You feel like you are in the desert. They are beautiful and when you reach the top of the dunes you are greeted with the beautiful views of the bay. You can look down the Outer Banks.  You can even hang glide.


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